Buddhist society search for Skilled and Virtuous monks!

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Buddhist society search for Skilled and Virtuous monks: At present there are beautiful Buddhist monasteries, but there are no monks qualified to run them. There is a lack of good monks and monks who practice proper Dharma in the Buddhist society.

বাংলা অনুবাদ পড়ুন

Many may say reading the beginning of my discussion, “First qualify yourself, then qualify your disciples.”

I am a simple man, simple confession, I came to under Buddhist regime because of poverty, my family is not so rich that they can educate me to become a doctor, engineer or a good job holder.

Buddhist society
Bhikku Tishananda

I have said that I am here under the Buddhist regime being a Buddhist monk from the persecution of poverty, I have received general education and religious education as much as I could. While receiving religious education, I understood life very closely, learned many things and experienced thousands of things.

I have been able to reach a position by obtaining certificates from formal education being a Buddhist Monk since childhood. Much credit to my devotees for everything including this achievement of mine. I am still a monk in the Buddhist regime with the help of respectful devotees.

There is no one in this world who has been able to leave the world making everyone around him happy. Many people may say that you do not know anything about religion observing my external behavior and speech, what benefit will you pay to the Buddhist regime? Perhaps, regarding of the first line it can be said, I grew up from poverty to become a monk with the kindness of householders.

In your eyes I know nothing. Even though I know nothing, I keep the Monastery clean, light a candle in front of the Buddha in the evening and light the Buddha’s seat. Without knowing anything, just because of knowing how to give the Panchasila, you come Monastery, pray for Panchasila and receive, you can listen to the recitation of the Buddha’s suttas.

How to make a worthy Monk?

Family planning is generally best accepted in our Buddhist society. No Buddhist couple in today’s society is seen to have more than 2 children. Everyone dreams of making their children doctors, engineers and officers. Most well-to-do families do not think of donating a son in the Buddha regime. It is the poor middle class who donate their sons to the Buddhist regime to sustain the Buddhist regime to this day.

When a boy from a poor and middle-class family becomes a monk and conducts the vihara beautifully, giving good advice to devotees, there can be petty mistakes in him.

Many times, Monks are invited and recited suttas at home for various pious works. While reciting the suttas, Monks can recite some misrepresentation of the suttas either knowingly or unknowingly. There can have a bit of confusion while delivering Dhamma Speech. For such kind of petty mistake, the criticism starts against that monk. At that time, critics discover what was his father, who was his grandfather! Some say Monk is stupid, some say Monk knows nothing, Monk can’t be kept in Monastery, we want new and qualified Monk.

Meanwhile, you are not giving your beloved son to Buddhist regime. On the other hand, blaspheming those who have been sustaining the regime of the Buddha.

Donate your most talented son to the Buddha regime, he will teach Buddhism anew by researching the spoken words of the Buddha with his intellect, knowledge, wisdom. Only by donating your meritorious son to Monkhood, Buddhist regime will have the worthy Monks.

Questions to you-

1. An educated son donate to Buddha regime, will you donate?

2. Get your talented child interested in Buddhism, Will you do?

3. A son of a poor family he wants to become a skilled monk by studying hard and studying like your children but his family is not well off. Will you help such a boy to become a skilled monk by learning like your child?

Bhikku Tishananda
Chief Director of Riddhimoy News.

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