Buddha statue was found in a Muslim house

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Buddha statue: A valuable ancient Buddha idol was found under the soil of a Muslim communal family’s residence in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. A clay idol was recovered from Abdur Rahim’s house in Ramu, Zoariarnala at Chowdhury Para on Tuesday morning.

Abdur Rahim, the rescuer, told the media that his wife Noor Begum had been dreaming of a Buddha statue under the floor of their living room for several days. After digging the ground, the Buddha idol was found 2 feet below.

Buddha statue was found in a Muslim house

As seen on the ground, the Buddha image is about 6 inches in length and 4 inches in width. On the reverse side of the Buddha statue there is a 22k inscription.

After the recovery of the Buddha idol was handed over to Ramu Rangkut Banashram Buddhist Vihara Director K. Shri Jyotisen Mahather. K. Shri Jyotisen Bhikkhu said that Abdur Rahim and his wife came to give the Buddha idol at Rangkut at four o’clock on Thursday. This monk claims that this Buddha idol is quite ancient.

He said, “Looking at the face and construction style of the Buddha idol, it seems that it is many years old. Next Saturday, on the holy Ashtami day, this Buddha statue will be sprinkled with sandalwood and rose water and installed in the seat of worship.”

Buddhists form about 0.63% of the population of Bangladesh. It is said that Buddha once in his life came to this region of East Bengal to spread his teachings and he was successful in converting the local people to Buddhism. About 1 million people in Bangladesh adhere to the Theravada school of Buddhism.

Ramu Violence 2012

The 2012 Ramu violence refers to a series of attacks on Buddhist monasteries, shrines, and houses of Buddhist inhabitants in Ramu Upazila in Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh by local mobs on the midnight past 29 September 2012. The mobs destroyed 12 Buddhist temples and monasteries and 50 houses in reaction to a tagging of an image depicting the desecration of a Quran on the timeline of a fake Facebook account under a Buddhist male name. The actual posting of the photo was not done by the Buddhist who was falsely slandered. The Buddhist was innocent of the accusation. The violence later spread to Ukhia Upazila in Cox’s Bazar District and Patiya Upazila in Chittagong District where Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples were targeted for attacks. [wikipedia]

An estimated 25,000 people participated in the violence directed at Buddhists and over 300 people were arrested in connection to the attacks. [wikipedia]

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